HIIT Workouts for Members


HIIT has developed a lot of buzz around the fitness industry. According to a survey conducted by The American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT is among the top fitness trends for 2017. So, what’s all the hype about and what is it?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise.  This is followed by short recovery periods. I think one reason HIIT is so popular is the quick and efficient nature of the workout. In today’s world, people are always looking for the quickest way to get things done. Things like social media are such a huge part of everyone’s lives now a days that we can lose focus very quickly.  That’s why HIIT is a terrific way to keep your members from getting distracted. You can easily get a high intensity workout done within 30-45 min. There’s obviously huge benefits to this as well. One is it gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. It also increases the body’s need for oxygen during the workout and creates an oxygen shortage. This causes your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. This effect is known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is a huge reason why you will burn more fat and calories than you do in a normal aerobic or steady-state workout. Here’s a few other benefits if not totally convinced!

Increase your metabolism

  • The combination of high intensity and interval training results in EPOC. This speeds up your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after a completed a HIIT workout. You’ll still be burning fat even after you’ve left the gym!

You Can Do It Anywhere

  • Long gone are the days of not having enough time to exercise. HIIT workouts can be done anywhere: at home, your hotel room, the beach, etc!

HIIT can be an enormous advantage for people trying to get healthy. Use HIIT workouts for all ability levels including beginners. As your members continue to get more comfortable add weights to increase challenge and difficulty!