Hand Eye Coordination is the ability to do activities that require the simultaneous use of our hands and eyes. We use hand eye coordination every day and is one of the skills that can be constantly improved. This is why it’s crucial to evaluate hand eye coordination in children. A child  might take a long time to react to something that happened or they might have trouble focusing in school. This is why interactive fitness can be very valuable to improving hand eye coordination. Products like the tWall, Reax Lights, 3 Kick, and Heavy Ball are all products that can help improve reaction time and hand eye coordination. They all deliver sensory feedback via lights and touch sensors and can be used to a measure a person’s quickness. Below is some ways to improve hand eye coordination while using Exergame.

Play catch- Who knew America’s pastime could be so useful in improving hand-eye coordination?  It’s simple, get a glove/partner and start throwing!

Tennis Ball Drills– Dribbling a tennis ball can be a great way to improve coordination skills. Another example would be to find a partner and get two tennis balls. Start by dribbling one tennis ball and then throw the other to your partner. Make sure to switch hands as well.

Exercise Your Vision– Use eye tracking technology can allow you to lock into the task but also increases attention to detail and your focus – thus aiding to eliminate the effect certain external distractions

Now imagine combining these simple exercises while using interactive fitness! It can truly take your hand –eye coordination to the next level.