Fitness gaming (also known as interactive gaming) is a proven method to get both kids, and adults engaged in fitness through technology.  Youth Centers that have introduced fitness gaming to their programs have seen a 33% increase in activity, as interactive video gaming is an activity children genuinely like to do with their friends, and individually.

The greatest advantage fitness gaming and exergaming has over traditional fitness is that it is not just a physical activity program, but also a form of fun and exciting entertainment for all ages. Our interactive gaming options offer our customers a much higher level of engagement than traditional exercise, which significantly lowers the level of anticipated activity in players.

In this short 30 second video we show how fitness gaming can be used for youth fitness, adult wellness, and family fitness all rolled into one!

With fitness entertainment gaming we ask you to enter the Exergame YOUTH X Room, a room specifically designed for kids ages 7–14. This youth fitness concept room is customized to fit the new model of social interaction, movement, and engagement.

Our adult wellness active gaming rooms are designed for group based training, users will push themselves in a multitude of ways including: strength, conditioning, and reaction training, and the gamification built into the equipment will only make them work harder.

Are you looking for family fun options that can keep all the participants active?  Then our fitness gaming rooms are the perfect solution for you.  Provide a fun, engaging, exciting exercise exergame room for all ages.

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