Virtual Fitness is the combination of exercise with technology. Some might think that virtual fitness classes are more complicated or more challenging, but they really aren’t. Virtual fitness is designed to fit your needs and how challenging you want the work out to be.

Virtual fitness workouts are usually played in health clubs on a big screen. Most clubs have classes, but some allow you to play if you’re just going to work out by yourself. The beauty of this is that anyone can play — and it’s simple! Virtual classes can be an alternative to live group fitness classes because virtual workouts often attract smaller numbers and you go at your own pace. This is especially beneficial for people who are new to working out and are looking to start slow.

Some virtual fitness workouts and interactive fitness pieces that are very popular include Les Mills, Holofit VR rowing, and even Run Beat. These were developed for vigorous exercise and to engage the brain. A University of Michigan study looking at group fitness video games found that those who worked out virtually had increased motivation and performed better than when they were alone. This suggests that people working out alongside others helps raise the level of competition. Check out some of our products that can create virtual atmosphere for your health club!