Mapleton Public Schools serves more than 6,500 students in Adams County, just north of Denver, and an additional 2,500 students around Colorado through its online partnership school.  They are committed to raising expectations, providing choices for learning and removing obstacles for all students so that they can guarantee that each student “achieves his or her dreams and enthusiastically contributes to his or her community, country and world.”

Sensory rooms are designed to help the following: sensory integration, proprioception, and stimming. All of the aforementioned words are important in understanding the core of what it is that sensory rooms do and how they can help people.

As these centers continue to grow throughout the educational landscape, Exergame has stepped in with the tWall.  It is simple yet challenging as the user has to deactivate the touch wall lights as soon as it appears. The motivation of the ‘games’ appeals to all ages and ability levels.

Benefits Include: Social Fitness, Focus Training, Cognitive Performance, Reaction training, Vision training, MAP training for Physical and Mental awareness, Executive function training, Coordination and Balance, Physical endurance, Visually appealing design.

To learn more about how Exergame and tWall can be a tool in your sensory learning centers, contact us!