The Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club in California has a variety of choices for their members.  Everything from basketball, weight room, pool and spa, group classes, and MUCH more.  One of the recent additions to their club was their new Adult Interactive Fitness and Exergame Room Solution.  Designed for group based training, users will push themselves in a multitude of ways including: strength, conditioning, and reaction training, and the gamification built into the equipment will only make them work harder.  The Performance X Room introduces a  high intensity interval training workout that not only brings the heat, but the excitement and fun of gaming as well!

Compete against friends or track your workouts and set new personal records. If your members are looking for a high octane, energetic, group based training area, this is your solution.

Watch the video above from the Auburn Racquet Club, and find out how this interactive fitness room is bringing a new experience to their members with things like

  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Small group training
  • Personal training
  • Senior programs
  • Family classes
  • Gamification of fitness
  • Adult Interactive Fitness Programs
  • Reaction training
  • Recruiting new members
  • Increased staff involvement
  • Cutting edge innovative exergame room

Products at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club include fitness gaming items like the PaviGym Combo, Nexersys, tWall Interactive Fitness, PaviGym Sprint, Heavyball, and Jump Q.

Find out more about the FUTURE of fitness with Exergame.  Contact us for more.