The mission of Arizona Science Center is to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages about science. One of the newest exhibits is bringing the concept of fitness and gaming together to promote more physical activity and health for their members.  The most recent addition is the iDANCE Multiplayer Group Dance System!

Dancing is so much fun, so why not make it a fun workout? iDance DDR is an enjoyable and challenging group exercise dance game of visual perception and physical skill. If you want to incorporate a dance workout into your establishment, then this system is the right way to go. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers a wide range of levels to take on and master. With over 100 songs, the fun is never-ending.

This 16 Player system can get kids, adults, and even seniors grooving to the music and exercising!

Some Of The Positive Benefits Include:

• Agility
• Speed
• Balance
• Coordination
• Reaction Time
• Cardiovascular Endurance

We applaud the Science Musuem and their continued effort to encourage exercise and group dance with the iDANCE System!