Army Families often include Army kids. U.S. Army MWR helps them stay mission ready with resources they need to support them. These programs include childcare, school-age services, tutoring, youth sports and more.

School-Age Centers (Ages 6-12 years) offers before and after school programs, weekend activities during the school year, and summer care and camps during school vacations.

As these centers continue to look for new an innovative ideas to get their kids active, they have come to Exergame.  Recently we were able to complete an installation of one of our most popular products for these spaces, called iDANCE.  The iDANCE 2 system has a variety of features that set it apart as a truly unique experience and make it ideal for fitness centers, schools, YMCAs, park districts, leisure centers and any other place with a need for group play/group fitness. Use iDance for small groups or big classes with up to 32 dance pads and users.

The iDANCE is a perfect for having a mobile exergaming product.  Set it up, get active, dance with friends, and then move to storage!  Suitable for all ages and levels of player, no questionable lyrics and graphics and up to three difficulty levels simultaneously!

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