At COR Behavioral, therapies are tailored to help each client reach his or her full potential. An evaluation allows their staff to identify each client’s strengths, weaknesses, and to develop appropriate goals and behavioral programs. Each potential client is evaluated by one of their Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) to identify strengths, limitations, and to develop appropriate treatment goals.

Their core sectors of expertise are Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Full Day Center-Based Programming, Parent Training, Early Intervention (EI), Consultation, Training, and Multidisciplinary Treatment.

Recently COR Behavioral added a new feature for their clientele: an Exergaming Room. The primary goal of Exergame and COR Behavioral here is to constantly contribute to the field of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.  Services provided by COR Behavioral include ABA Therapy, Dragonfly Learning Program, Functional Behavior Assessment, Psychological Services, Speech & Language Help, Social Skill Building, Applied Behavioral Fitness, RBT Training, BCBA & BCaBA CEUS.

We congratulate COR Behavioral on this exceptional Exergaming Room tailored towards kids and adults who will experience something like never before throughout the United States.

Learn more about COR Behavioral and the benefits provided by Exergame by contacting us!