The GRC is Goodyear, AZ recently opened with a bang to the community on their brand new Recreation Center!  The facility is centrally located in Goodyear, and has something for all ages!

The GRC’s teen room is a place for youth to gather, build community, and come together to participate in opportunities for recreation.  This is a safe place for teens to grow emotionally and socially with staff mentors as well as provide teens a space to connect with other teens across the valley using state-of-the-art exergaming equipment and e-sports streams.

While the GRC continues to see growth in the eGaming platforms, they also wanted something to get the teens active.  ENTER THE iWALL!  iWall offers interactive fitness games that are also a perfect option for a cardio workout.

As teens become familiar and connected with others in their community, GRC will provide opportunities for teens to develop leadership skills and work-readiness through volunteer, employment, and involvement in civic duties by empowering them to create events and programs at the GRC.

If you are looking for different ways to spice up your eGaming rooms with a little more activity, Exergame has the perfect solutions with iWall!