ISF, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (3) (c) organization whose mission is to provide skilled therapeutic, fitness, and rehabilitation services that maximize a child’s capacity to play sports and recreational activities.  This unique facility is working with kids, adults, and seniors by providing a fun interactive fitness option like Exergame!

Parents who have children with special needs will find working with Inclusive Sport and Fitness improves social interaction skills, greater engagement and participation in school and leisure activities, and improved gross motor performance.

Some of the items you will see at ISF is products like the Spivi Virtual Cycling System, the Exerbikes GS Pedal to Play, and the Treadwall Interactive Climbing Device.

Spivi is an innovative social-network, 3D visualizing system made for indoor cycling studios & fitness clubs. Works with existing equipment, creating a virtual 3D experience.

Biking never gets boring with the Exerbike GS. Ideal for kids and teenagers, this is the perfect item to help them get used to the gym. Works with the Xbox system, play while you ride!

The Treadwall brings the capabilities of an entire climbing gym to the limited space of a smaller facility. It features a freestanding, compact design with a choice of sizes to fit your facility.

Learn more about how Exergame and interactive fitness can help therapeutic, fitness, and rehabilitation services for you!  Contact us for more!