Levy Special Education Center Sensory Room


The mission of the Levy Special Education Center in Wichita, Kansas is to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment which promotes dignity and respect for the students and where individual needs of each student are met by a team of highly skilled, and caring professionals in ways that are purposeful, meaningful, and long lasting.

Here at the Levy Special Education Center they have one of the most advanced Sensory Rooms in the country.  Here students on the autism spectrum and those with downs syndrome can use the interactive fitness product the tWall for physical fitness training.  Teachers looking to include behavior integration and cognitive tasks for their kids can use the tWall for things like vision training, build reaction time, perception, recognition, reasoning, concluding, judgment, memory, etc.

At the school other students with diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, BD, and other forms can use the tWall for physical exercise that helps build speed, endurance, coordination, cognition, mobility, and flexibility all while having the benefits of a fun interactive Exergame.

Exergame Fitness is extremely proud to be a part of the mission of of the Levy Special Education Center and how they are focusing on their students sensory needs.  If you or your school would like to learn more please contact Exergame Fitness.