As health clubs across the world continue to push for more active play options in their facilities, Exergame continues to be the company they choose to go to.

Life Time Fitness, one of the largest and most successful health club chains in the country, recently added some of our interactive products to one of their newest Premier Diamond Club facilities-  The Chestnut Hill Life Time Fitness in Massachusetts.  From luxury locker rooms and premier classes to coaching, training and so much more, Life Time at Chestnut Hill has something for everyone.

In the Life Time Kids Academy, young members can swim, play sports, learn and laugh and now they can even play interactive video games that promote physical activity and fitness. This latest addition to the already impressive Life Time Kids Academy encourages not only a physical component, but a social one as well.  Using gamification and technology, these kids now have the opportunity to engage in activities that they previously may not have had any interest in, like exercise for example or meeting new friends.

Some of the products you will see included in this new center are things like the iDANCE– a fun and challenging group exercise dance game combining visual perception, coordination and physical skill. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers a wide range of levels to take on and master. With over 100 different songs, several different gameplay options and the ability to add up to 32 players, the fun is never-ending.

Another popular product is the Motion TouchMagix Projection System.  The Motion TouchMagix™ system delivers the “Wow Factor” by creating a digitally engaging, interactive gaming area for kids and adults by turning any floor surface or a back projected display into a multi-point interactive surface.  Basically, the floor becomes a giant, interactive video game with the kids as the game pieces!

We applaud Life Time Fitness and their continued support on the fight against childhood obesity and inactivity by partnering with Exergame Fitness.

To see more pictures from our Life Time Install, check out our SmugMug gallery here. 

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