The Louisiana State University School of Kinesiology provides undergraduate and graduate programs for students interested in the art and science of human movement and the business of sport.  Graduates of LSU will go on to successful careers in the health and fitness industry, corporate wellness, sport agencies and businesses, athletic administration, and K-12 educational settings.

When teaching about concepts in the future of fitness, they came to Exergame for ideas.  Technology will continue to be a massive influencer in the fitness market. Brands are leveraging technology to provide immersive and innovative fitness experiences.

Enter the tWall.  The TWALL is a reaction trainer light wall. It is simple yet challenging as the user has to deactivate the touch wall lights as soon as it appears. The motivation of the ‘games’ appeals to all ages and ability levels.

Students at LSU will be able to use the tWall and integrate it into professional and graduate programs including physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, medical school, and other allied health programs.

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