Plainville Community Schools inspire and prepare lifelong learners to follow their passion, engage in their communities, and positively impact our global society.  Linden Street School is a CARES community of learners where we care for ourselves, each other and our school.

As part of their new upcoming sensory room for students in special education, they added the tWall Interactive Fitness Wall.

A sensory room is a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides students with special needs with personalized sensory input. Sensory rooms help these children stay calm and focused, so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others. At Plainville Linden schools they use it for Autistic students. One of the primary features of the room is the tWall/ Light Wall. The tWall is an interactive touch wall that provides sensory feedback with lights and touch sensors. It’s a perfect addition to the room as it stimulates and improves motor skills, trains coordination and reaction, improves physical endurance, etc. Multiple games provide progressions for users of any ability level.

Imagine a safe space where students with autism can go to calm their bodies and then get back to the business of learning. This is why the tWall is the perfect fit for their sensory space!

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