The Sterling Park District is located in Sterling, Illinois, just 5 miles north of I-88, halfway between the Quad Cities and DeKalb. The Sterling Park District has something for everyone.

Recently, as part of their renovations, they decided to add some interactive exergaming equipment. Technology is shaping the world of healthy living, and Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating it into fitness.

The goal of Exergame Fitness is to merge exergaming programs with high-tech equipment to make getting healthy more enjoyable.

As part of their additions, the Sterling Park District added the tWall, Exerbikes, and Climbing Wall!

Train for power, agility, endurance, and more. As the most robust model, the TWall 64 is the largest TWall model with the most training surface available.

Biking never gets boring with the Exerbike GS. Ideal for kids and teenagers, this is the perfect exergaming tool to help them get used to the gym. It works with the Xbox system — play while you ride!

Our climbing walls, along with our hand holds, mats, safety features, curriculum, and accessories will enable you to develop the best possible climbing program for a unique exergaming experience.

Congratulations to the Sterling Park District on their recent purchase. We look forward to your success!