The mission of Ward 7 Recreation Center is to consistently and efficiently provide recreational services to the people of Ward 7 in a manner that is responsive to the will and needs of its citizens.

Recently with the building of a new community center, and renovations provided by the city; Ward 7 was able to introduce Exergame to their members!  At Exergame our mission is to find and help establish innovative interactive solutions for well tested; total body fitness that is fun, motivating, and impactful for everyone by using proven business practices hand in hand with the most advanced fitness technologies, services, and items for unique fitness experiences that make you “sweat” and “smile” at the same time!

iWall is an entertaining and versatile sports wall that can be played by 1-2 players simultaneously.  Playing is fun and motivating for both children and adults and is successful in both jeans and training jerseys. With its rich game content, iWall can be used for effective training, a refreshing break, or a family pastime.

The tWall is a universal training tool provides a fantastic cardio workout across numerous applications, including Exergaming, sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

With the Exergame Projection System turn any area into a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto the floor. The Interactive Floor is a perfect exergame for child care, daycare, birthday party rooms, lobbies, and more.

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