One of the toughest questions in most non-profits, and for profit clubs is what to do with the teen/tween demographic, too old to be in the  day care area but too young to be in the main fitness areas.  Many clubs struggle with how to keep this age group not only in the club and engaged, but also active.  With our Youth X concept at Exergame Fitness we use a proven fitness methodology combined with programs and circuit style group fitness activities. This helps drive and develop social interaction, movement and engagement at a young age.

Like all of our other room solutions, we offer fully customizable rooms. Down to the placement of the wires and equipment to the flooring and wall space, we can help match your exact needs!

See how this club converted a space of less than 700 square feet into a full interactive gaming room solution for their youth population.

See how they have had an impact on things like

  • Recruiting new members
  • Increased staff involvement
  • Doubling membership
  • Higher retention of membership
  • Creating community partnerships
  • Growing summer camps
  • Doubling Birthday parties
  • Adding athletic team training
  • Exciting the non athlete to exercise
  • Increases comfort and excitement for fitness
  • Cutting edge innovative exergame room