Exergame Fitness knows better than anyone that the gaming world is thriving because of teenagers. With our Youth X fitness equipment, we can get your kids and teens up and moving while still keeping them engaged with our gaming technology. The Exergame Youth X gaming room is specifically designed for kids ages 7–14 to encourage social interaction, movement, and fitness. To learn more about our Youth X fitness rooms and programs, contact Exergame Fitness today.

Highlights Include:

  • Change the way kids and teens think about being active
  • Proven methodology to drive engagement and social interaction
  • Equipped with an online portal with program plans and challenges
  • Reward programs and scoreboards
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs

This concept room is customized to fit the new model of social interaction, movement, and engagement. It comes fully equipped with interactive fitness devices that are not only gamified, but have proven fitness methodology behind them. These exergames are strategically put in place to balance out a fitness program and can be used in circuit style group classes.