Eyeplay Kids Fitness Game Floor offers an interactive virtual fitness playground that captivates both children and adults in an entertaining, exciting, and innovative way.

Exergame Fitness is the leading distributor in North America of Eyeplay, helping Health Clubs, Schools, YMCA, Park Districts, Recreation Centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, Children’s Hospitals, Family Entertainment Centers, Schools and Day Care Centers engage their youngest members and clients in fun interactive physical activity.

A few of the customers that have experienced Eyeplay include:

Midtown Fitness / Midtown Athletic Club, Sport & Health, Granite Club, Houston Briar Club, Club Fit, YMCA Seattle, California Family Fitness, Club La Maison, Riverplex Peoria Park District, Camelback Village Recreation Center, Luter Family YMCA, Bulls Sox Training Academy, JCC Addison, Houston Racquet Club, West Valley Family Fitness Center, YMCA of Philadelphia, YMCA Great Oklahoma, YMCA Central Florida, Tinley Illinois Park District, Salem Public School PEP Grant Winner, Edgerton Children’s Museum, YMCA Indiana.

There are two ways to play on the Eyeplay – using it as an interactive stomping mat through Eyeplay Floor or by turning any wall into a game filled touch screen on Eyeplay Wall.

Eyeplay Floor turns any floor into an interactive fitness game.  Fully responsive to player movements using advanced motion tracking cameras, Eyeplay is able to track multiple people at the same time, allowing you to stomp, jump, and run around with all of your friends!

The multi-point interactive game experience can be as large as 18 feet wide, creating a fun, exciting, and engaging experience for anyone that uses it.

With a wide range of games, kids and adults can be entertained for hours while running and jumping around.  EyePlay is sure to bring smiles to everyone who uses it along with an elevated heart rate!


Eyeplay Wall works with multiple players who can interact with one another and have a great time. The Eyeplay Wall comes complete with a diverse assortment of exciting games. There is truly something to appeal to all children’s personal tastes and preferences. The variety of entertainment choices ensures children never get bored or lose interest!


“Every club in America needs an Eyeplay”, Ed Kasanders CEO of Exergame says. “Any facility that’s wants to engage kids to be active, offer youth fitness programs, drive family memberships, and retain current members should get a Eyeplay Exergame System. The ROI (Return on Investment) of this product is the best in the fitness industry.  Plus, with little maintenance and supervision required, it provides countless hours for social interaction without using dedicated staff members.”

“In this digital culture (iPhones, Ipad, Android Tablets) many parents have come in and not interacted but just watched their kids. Now with the EyePlay Wall we are actually seeing parents put their phones down and playing the games with their kids as one family unit, instead of individually. This is our goal: active family interaction. ”

Catie Richwine, Programming Coordinator and Curator Explorium Lexington, KY

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