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Founders of First Youth Interactive Gym Sign Distribution Deal for CanadaDARTMOUTH, NS – Canadian kids received yet another failing grade in the annual Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card: 90% of Canadian youth are not getting the necessary amount of exercise a day. This does not come as a surprise to Holly Bond and Liz Thompson. They have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of too much screen time and not enough playtime.

The former founders of Bulldog Interactive Fitness, the first interactive fitness facility for youth, Holly and Liz have just inked a deal to become the Canadian Distributor for Exergame Fitness.(http://www.exergamefitness.ca/) With the ever-increasing gloomy reports like the one released this week, this dynamic duo is more determined than ever to convey the importance of physical fitness and activity that includes every child, not just the elite athlete. With years of experience in the Exergaming world, they will continue to work diligently at promoting this positive way of battling childhood obesity and inactivity to schools, community groups, hospitals and fitness clubs across Canada.
In 2005 Holly Bond opened Bulldog Interactive Fitness, the first interactive fitness facility designed exclusively for youth. Shortly thereafter, Liz Thompson jumped on board. Together they opened interactive fitness facilities for youth across Canada. These energetic partners have been working non-stop ever since, educating kids, teachers, parents and community leaders about the need to be more active.
After selling Bulldog in 2008, Holly and Liz are thrilled to join forces once again, representing Exergame Fitness Canada: “We have seen hundreds of children benefit from Exergaming equipment and programming that combines Exergaming and old-fashioned fun and games.” Liz states. “Children are very comfortable in this familiar environment – the video games act as a ‘hook’ to get them in the door and moving in the right direction towards exercise and activity. Once kids take that first, familiar step, it is then a perfect time to introduce traditional games and sports – we have seen how they develop a new level of fitness and self-esteem.” agrees Holly.
Tommy Seilheimer, Vice President of Exergame Fitness says,
“Holly and Liz’s years of actual hands-on experience is invaluable; I mean, they have done it all – from the layout and design to choosing and training the best staff to building programs and camps around the Exergaming equipment. We are excited to partner with them in our crusade against childhood obesity and inactivity.”
Holly Bond and Liz Thompson can be reached by visiting their website: http://www.exergamefitness.ca/.

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