Exergame Fitness is the global leader in Exergaming products and medically driven programming. We have over 10+ years experience in the fitness industry and were first to market with fully customized room designs keeping active gaming a positive way of battling childhood obesity and inactivity. We have the largest selection of tested products in the industry backed by our 110% lowest price guarantee.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as the leader in the Exergaming industry supported by our 24 hour customer support team and highly skilled installation and training technicians. We will work harder than any other company to gain your business and can work with any size budget or space. We offer free grant assistance and have installed our products in hundreds of facilities worldwide.

For more information on our full room concept called ‘The Vault Activation Zone” please visit our website at exergamefitness.com or speak to one of our Exergaming consultants to see how we can create an exciting active gaming room in your facility or School today!

Tommy Seilheimer CEO of Exergame Fitness adds:
“In 2010 Exergame Fitness USA will again be offering our FREE Exergame room designs and visual concepts for any client(s) looking to transform or develop an Exergaming room at their facility. We have the industries largest advisory board and most knowledgeable sales force that will do all the work for you when it comes to making your presentation a snap! We know you love Exergaming as we do, we are simply  here to get you everything you need so that you can give your investors one heck of a presentation complete with industry statistics, layouts and product programming. The key to financial success in our industry is having all of the valuable information about Exergaming so that your grant is filled with the latest and greatest information for consideration, let our team step you through this easy process!  “

What We Offer:

Customized Room Décor ٠ Custom Marketing & Branding Materials ٠ Global Exergaming Network ٠ Merchandise Line ٠ Optional Upgraded Medical Programming ٠ Preventative Product Maintenance ٠ Best Selection of Tested Active Gaming Products ٠ No Mandatory Fees ٠ Any Size Budget ٠ Any Size Space ٠ 2D, 3D & Fly-Thru Concept Designs ٠ No Hassle Quotes ٠ Kid Approved ٠ Low Financing ٠ 110% Lowest Price Guarantee ٠ Free Monthly Exergame Education Workshops

Call us today at (847) 963-8969 for free room designs and professional consultations on your Exergaming room!

Exergame Fitness USA