The 2011 B’More Healthy Event was a smashing success with well over 25,000 attendees from everywhere across the great city of Baltimore.  Kids, adults, and the elderly were treated to the a Expo that was designed to showcase vendors, programs, and opportunities to get people moving , taking action and making choices to be more healthy.

At the event attendees were shown some of the latest and greatest in the Exergaming Industry provided by Exergame Fitness.  The iDANCE 2, a multiplayer dance unit did not have a single chance to rest, kids, teens, and adults just couldn’t stop dancing to the beats.  The 3-Kick, an interactive experience with a cross between sports and gaming had lines 10 deep waiting to play different types of games and fun activities.  Another piece that saw some people wanting to try one of the most innovative ways to exercise was those who got to try out the Freedom Climber.

The Freedom Climber provides all the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from a 30 ft. wall.
Being non-motorized, it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. It extends out from your wall only 8 inches and the 90 inch climbing surface rotates quietly clockwise or counter-clockwise being governed by a patent pending mechanism that is virtually maintenance free. Now, even with limited space, a fitness facility, recreation center, school or even a home or office can offer a climbing experience that is free from a safety harness or ropes. No risk, No Strings, just fun exercise!

Parker Johnson of Exergame Fitness said, “I saw people of all ages wanting to try out the Freedom Climber.  When you have kids as young as 4 years old trying out a new type of workout like climbing that they have never experienced before, and then have older adults ask if they can give it a try, you know you have found something that all ages can enjoy.”

The event was not only great for attendees but the vendors as well, many already looking forward to the opportunities they will have next year with the city of Baltimore.

If you would like more information on how Exergaming Products can influence your community checkout the Exergame Fitness homepage.