By Kathleen Gregg Huertas Platinum Quality Author

The cold winter months can turn us into couch potatoes. It is certainly too cold for a tennis match, a good golf game or playing baseball. However, we can still get our exercise and play time in by being indoors. You can get up off that couch or recliner, and try exergaming.

Exergaming is now known as a combination of video games and exercise and is a really fun way to stay fit and get into shape. It is a really awesome way to burn calories and have fun. You do not even have to leave the house, pay any monthly fees and no signing of contracts.

There was a time when playing video games was constantly criticized and accused as the reason for people being inactive and suffering from obesity. So what the gaming industry has now done is began developing exergaming to get people to stay active. It is a fun way to get your children into moving and the new exergaming provides games from tennis, boxing, baseball, ping-pong, bowling, they have so many different types of physically active games for play now the possibilities seem endless. Not to mention the fact that it also brings quality family time.

Now in today’s age nothing intrigues children and young adults more than technology. It certainly is no surprise to see that exergaming has been showing up and being used in the schools, recreational centers and even private fitness clubs. This allows children and yes, even adults to increase their physical activity levels and support a weight that is healthy.

This new trend has become so popular that the American Heart Association and Nintendo, who we all know is the creator of the WII Fit and WII Sports, have joined together to promote physically active games as part of a new and healthy lifestyle. It is what they consider the first of its kind to build a relationship between video games and the American Heart Association. Their most crucial goal is to help people discover how video games that have active play can play a huge part in healthy living.

So if you are a child, adolescent or even an adult, it is now time to stop being a couch potato and get yourself into the exergame. Remember, alway consult your doctor before beginning any new type of exercise, to protect your health and your children. Most of all stay fit and have fun.

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Kathleen Gregg Huertas