Being that this is our first blog post since the beginning of the new year, we at Exergame Fitness hope that everyone had a great holiday!  As we all go back into the daily grind pursuing our life passions, we should remind ourselves that our new years resolutions need to be a part of our daily missions. I read a surprising infographic, yet not that surprising, which stated that 45% of all new years resolutions are health related.  Whether that is losing weight, eating healthier, or getting fitter, health is a major concern for roughly half of all Americans.  There is another surprising statistic out there also that says that you have a 12% chance of making that resolution stick for the entire year.   

Discouraging?  For me? Yes since one of mine is to be eating healthier just like my fellow 45%.  As it turns out Exergame Fitness made some resolutions also, and we plan on keeping them.  Our resolutions will hopefully help YOU reach your resolution goals and help your friends and family reach theirs.  

Our resolutions are simple:
#1 Help kids get healthier with Exergaming
#2 Help adults get healthier with Exergaming
#3 Help the whole family feel better with Exergaming

For the next 12 months we will be on your side, helping you reach your resolutions.  Think of us as your champion to helping you, your friends, and family achieve and maintain a healthier, active lifestyle which will make you feel good and bring new inspiration into your life.  And hopefully by the time we reach New Years Eve 2013, we can all say that we achieved our goals.

Let’s have a great year!