Humana has announced the launch of its Web site. The Web site will help guide customers through its latest concept, Games for Health. Humana has also partnered with schools in Kentucky and Florida for pilot programs in the area of fitness and games technology for students.

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“We’re pleased to be moving forward in this exciting new space so quickly with these latest initiatives,” stated Paul Puopolo, director of consumer innovation at Humana. “This new website and our school programs are the first of many opportunities that we’ve tested and identified as areas where Humana can connect the health of consumers with a technology they enjoy. We are committed to creating new ways for people of all ages to reach new levels of health through games and entertainment.”

The Web site has been launched in parallel with the fourth annual national Games for Health Conference in Baltimore. The site provides an interactive brochure for information on Humana’s programs and details on the health benefits of game technology. Users can explore the applications of games with healthy benefits. The site includes instructions on ways to contact Humana’s Games for Health team to partner or to order games on future game development.

Humana is also the sponsor of the Games for Health Conference, first time any health insurer has sponsored the event. Humana has organized and will participate in the keynote panel with health insurers to assess games for health opportunities. It also hosts the “Exergaming Expo Room” and a space for health game developers to take new initiatives.

“If we want to make use of Games to the fullest extent as a medium to improve health and health behavior, we need to continue the interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration between the healthcare industry, research communities, game developers and other stakeholders,” said Miguel Encarnacao, director of Emerging Technology Applications for Humana and architect of its Games for Health initiative. “While the results of our early pilot programs are promising, there is still a long way ahead of us. Further research and business case development needs to be conducted. This conference is a pivotal starting point and we are looking forward to seeing what comes out of this conference.”

To involve students with their health and games, Humana started the HorsePower Challenge for students at middle schools in its headquarters city of Louisville, Kentucky. Each of the students wore pedometers for four weeks and their activity levels were recorded. As a result, the students had walked a collective 6,364 miles, which was a 10 percent increase compared to the previous four weeks.

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