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Exergame Fitness Presentation at IAPD 2016


Exergame was happy to support this years Illinois Park and Recreation Association Show by sponsoring a guest speaker with a hot topic. International health and fitness consultant Jarrod Saracco and our very own Parker Johnson focused on new and trending solutions to engage our younger generations and fight childhood obesity and inactivity.  They also showcased ways that facilities all around the world can implement small systems and formulas to build a successful “youth fitness” program.

Below is a copy of the presentation in full for you to view, as well as a ZUU Chimps video that was shown inside the presentation. Below is a link that will take you to a (.pdf) copy of the presentation. ZUU Chimps is a company dedicated to providing fitness programs and education for children, you can read all about their mission and view photos on their site here.

Download HereIAPD Presentation 2016

IAPD Presentation 2016

ZUU Chimps – Brockworth Primary