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Exergame Network Awards

iDANCE is an engaging multiplayer Dance & Step Game System.

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The following are the categories won by Positive Gaming iDANCE2

•           Best Commercial Grade Dance Exergame – WINNER: Positive Gaming iDANCE2

•           Best Group Exergame – WINNER: Positive Gaming iDANCE2

•           Best Music in an Exergame – WINNER: Positive Gaming iDANCE2

•           Best Commercial Exergame 2010 – WINNER: Positive Gaming iDANCE2

The Exergame Network (TEN) held the first ever public voting for awards relating to active video games.

Fifteen categories covered the new generation of Active Video Games with nominations from industry experts and public votes from around the world.

”The first ever TEN Awards is a great step in helping both consumers and healthcare professionals know where to start when trying to select (or recommend) an exergame for their particular need. The voting was from a wide array of exergaming enthusiasts from around the globe. I believe this is a great start and hope that this will encourage game developers and exergaming manufacturers to continue to produce great products and raise the field of exergaming” says Dr. Ernie Medina, Jr., DrPH, founding member of The Exergame Network, CEO of MedPlay Technologies, and the “Exergaming Evangelist/Interventionist”.

Best Commercial Grade Dance Exergame

Award for an active video game dance system suitable for youth clubs and fitness facilities


– In the Groove 2

– Positive Gaming iDANCE2

– Cobalt Flux Blufit

– Pump It Up Pro

– Xerdance

Positive Gaming iDANCE2




Best Group Exergame

Award for an active video game for four players or more


– Positive Gaming iDANCE2

– Gamercize Pro-Sport with Xbox LIVE

– Xerdance

– Cobalt Flux Blufit

– HOPSports Training System

Positive Gaming iDANCE2




Best Music in an Exergame

Award for an active video game with good songs or music


– Ubisoft – Just Dance

– Positive Gaming iDANCE2

– Cobalt Flux Blufit

– Xerdance

– Wii – Walk it Out

Positive Gaming iDANCE2




Best Commercial Exergame 2010

Award for an active videogame system suitable for youth clubs and fitness facilities that was launched in 2010


– Makoto 2

– Cobalt Flux Blufit

– Positive Gaming iDANCE2

– Trazer 2

– GameBike 2

Positive Gaming iDANCE2




”The inaugural TEN Awards is a significant initiative to raise public awareness of the commercial grade Exergaming solutions available world wide and to honor the key pioneering manufacturers in this exciting health and fitness genre” says Brett Young, founding member of The Exergame Network and CEO of Exergaming Australia.

Download the complete TEN Awards results here.


The Exergame Network Awards 2010 categories:

– Best Children’s Exergame

– Best Physical Education Exergame

– Best Seniors Exergame

– Best Accessibility Exergame

– Best Home Dance Exergame

– Best Commercial Grade Dance Exergame

– Best Exergame Fitness Avatar

– Best Rehabilitation Exergame

– Best Group Exergame

– Best Gateway Exergame

– Best Competition Exergame

– Best Brain Exergame

– Best Music in an Exergame

– Best Commercial Exergame 2010

– Best Home Exergame 2010

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About TEN (The Exergame Network)

TEN The Exergame Network is an international, not-for-profit, non-aligned and unbiased group for the developers and users of exergaming, interactive fitness, active gaming & virtual fitness. The first ever TEN awards were being held and the winners are based on the vast number of voters from around the globe. The success of this event paved the way in encouraging manufacturers of exergaming equipment to continuously produce quality products in order to help the society live a healthy life in a fun and engaging way.

The full nominations and results are available on The Exergame Network website at http://www.exergamenetwork.org/ and an analysis of the voting data will be provided later this year through TEN member and Co-Director of the USF Active Gaming Labs, Dr Lisa Hansen. The Exergame Network can be joined or contacted via LinkedIn, Facebook, Wiki, Twitter or by email at info@exergamenetwork.org

Read Full .pdf Article Here: Exergame Network Awards iDANCE

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