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We know as we get older it is still very important, if not more important, for you to stay active. As young adults enter the workforce they can see how the sedentary lifestyle created can sometimes create laziness which can sometimes lead to being unhealthy. The main focus here is getting adults engaged in fitness, the same way you would for a youth fitness program, with fitness games for adults.

Fitness games for adults seems like a funny concept or idea, but it is a very serious and popular route to staying fit.

For some adults staying engaged is not as large of a challenge, they have a workout routine, sport league/club, or goal to keep them going through hours and hours of physical activity. But for some, the motivation is lost for whatever reason, and the necessity for engaging fitness programs emerges. Exergame Fitness excels in providing the resources you need to get the most of out your interactive fitness equipment and encourages you to take advantage of these programs. A workout has to have a certain level of engagement and fun to be considered a ‘game’, in fitness games for adults.

Workout of the Weeks (WOWs)

One resource we are very proud of providing to our customers is our Workout of the Weeks for some of our more popular products. We take 3 functional exercises and 3 interactive exercises dealing with a machine, to create fitness games for adults. We have professional trainers we work very closely with that create and design the program on every sheet in detail, providing the time spent on each activity, accessories needed, and instructions on exercises.

Workout of the Week - Week 1 Example
Workout of the Week – Week 1 Example

On a weekly basis the ‘game’ changes and the focus of the workouts change as well. One week may be focused on more weight training on a T-Wall, while the next week may be partner programs on the same machine.

The advantage of these programs is not only the exercises in the moment and present, but planning for the future. Having a weekly fitness program for adults encourages returning customers in a club or rec center, and gives some people an fun workout to look forward to – instead of dread.


YouTube Training Portal

Another resource that our customers love is training/promotional videos available on our YouTube channel. We provide some videos that show simple to complex exercises on some machines like the T-Wall 64 and the CardioWall Compact. These videos are primarily done by our Exergame trainers and installers, but we also have plenty of videos featuring customers or fitness professionals, trying out machines to fully exploring the functionality of the machine.

These assist the adult fitness games by providing a visual aid that some need, not only to see how it is done, but to feel confident in the movement and exercise. When combined with our WOWs and Functional Training sheets, and a little extra help from a trainer, you could use the same machine for weeks before it becomes repetitive.



Exergame Fitness supports people of all ages and activity levels to try out and participate in Exergaming. We work hard to bring a variety of machines together, create resources around them, and to keep everyone engaged in fitness. It is important when looking at these interactive fitness games for adults to think, why does it work?

We have engaged, excited, and motivated kids for years at YMCAs and Recreation Centers. With this expertise we apply this to adults to see the same kind of positive change in themselves.

Check out our services page and our social media pages for more Exergaming updates – products and industry. Also make sure you browse our YouTube channel, hours of Exergaming footage for you to see what it is all about.



Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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