Interactive fitness has become an exceptionally popular way to get into shape and stay fit and healthy. These vigorous forms of activities offer a wide range of benefits and have advantages over traditional forms of exercise. Let’s take a look at a few.

The single greatest advantage exergaming holds over traditional methods of exercise is the fact it’s not just a form of physical activity, but a form of entertainment as well. Take iDance and other similar games for example, these games offer participants a much higher level of engagement than traditional exercises, which significantly reduces the level of perceived exertion. As a result, the level of motivation to continue to play iDance is much higher than with other, more traditional exercises. And as a bonus, iDance is an interactive fitness game designed for participants of all ages and fitness levels, which means everyone from children to seniors can enjoy the benefits.

The interactive aspect of exergaming and the need for participants to anticipate events and make decisions has a positive effect on executive functioning. In addition, active gaming offers other cognitive benefits including working memory, problem-solving skills and multi-tasking. These types of games can be especially beneficial for seniors as they can help delay dementia and improve cognitive skills.

Exergaming is a social experience that provides the opportunity to interact with your peers. This, in turn, can help generate new friendships.

For all these reasons and many others, exergaming has become one of the fastest growing market segment in recent years.