Exercising on a stationary bike is an effective way to get into shape and stay healthy. Over the years, stationary bikes have become more sophisticated. Products like our Exerbike GS makes indoor biking fun for even kids and teenagers. Interactive fitness isn’t something that is a few years away from becoming mainstream, it is popular now and you need to take advantage of the benefits it offers. For example, here are the benefits of exercising with a stationary bike.

A stationary bike provides a low-impact and gentle workout that will allow you to exercise without putting too much stress on various parts of your body, like the spine for example. Studies have discovered that riding a stationary bike is an excellent way to obtain cardiovascular exercise and strengthen the lower part of your body without putting unnecessary strain on your joints.

Riding a stationary bike is a great way to strengthen the muscle groups in your legs and back. While riding a stationary bike, you are both pushing and pulling, which is working quadriceps and strengthening hamstrings. All these benefits without the risks associated with outdoor biking.

If your goal is to lose a few extra pounds, a stationary bike is a way to go. Riding a stationary bike at even just a moderate pace can burn over 200 calories in 30 minutes.

But best of all, riding a stationary bike means you don’t have to deal with inclement weather, darkness, traffic or any of the other hazards that might prevent you from enjoying an outdoor ride on your bike.