One of the best workouts and way to train your body is speed and reaction training exercises. It is very necessary to have the proper equipment/machines to do these specific exercises though, something that drives the speed or quickness of a reaction. The light reaction games made possible with Exergame Fitness equipment are the perfect fit for this type of training, especially for youth fitness.

A good example of a new interactive fitness training exercises is doing some baseball training on the T-Wall 64. Using a baseball or tennis ball to hit the small targets on the wall for accuracy and then catching the ball as it comes back, repeating this as fast as you can for 30 seconds to a minute. Then with others, you can compete and drive each other to do better with these light reaction games.

Pavigym Combo 3.0
Pavigym Combo 3.0

Their are countless exercises possible on Pavigym machines, built for reaction, speed, and functional training. A great series of light reaction games you can do can involve medicine balls and the Pavigym Square 3.0. Alternating between matching your feet on the floor pads and hitting the wall pads with a medicine ball is a great mix of movements that work your body and mind.

Another great exercise can be done on on the T-Wall, CardioWall, or Pavigym, but is done best on the CardioWall Compact for the quick movements and small space. Doing quick sprints (5-15m) to and from the CardioWall, deactivating the lights and repeating the process can get you sweating pretty fast.

Even some of our Fit Interactive equipment like the Heavy Ball & 3 Kick can be perfect for these exercises. Like the T-Wall, these machines have light reaction games built into them, with tons of other functional, partner, and interactive exercises possible.

Light reaction games are a great alternative to the boring stigma of traditional exercising, especially when applied to sports and youth fitness. They can not only help with your reaction abilities but with speed, explosiveness, and general fitness skills. We hope to see people in the future use these machines not only for youth engagement and to feature Exergaming in a gym but to also to apply them to league and professional sports.

Below is an older video, but still great, that shows a boxing expert doing some very complex exercises on a T-Wall 64!