Exergaming is gaining popularity at health clubs, schools, and community centers like YMCAs and JCCs as a way to engage kids in physical activity. Many of these products fit perfectly along the walls and corners of a youth focused room so that the area may be used for multiple purposes. However, these products are often heavy and not easily moved. This has led to many facilities and organizations to ask if there is a mobile option; something that could be easily stored or moved from location to location.

Exergame Fitness has announced that it has created a three product package ideal for mobile exergaming – the Exergame Mobile Solution. The package includes: two compact CardioWalls mounted back to back on a wheeled stand, Funky Moves interactive cones, and iDance that can be purchased with up to thirty two wireless dance pads.

The Exergame mobile package gives organizations a new way to engage kids in fitness and physical activity. Not only can the equipment be moved from room to room but the Funky Cones can be set up outside in a field for large groups – not even requiring an outlet (except to charge at night). This brings new opportunities for facilities, the programs they can offer, and allow them to effectively reach and engage their members and their kids.

Funky Moves Children play 2SAM_0054Port Discovery Children's Museum - iDANCE 5




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