Is Exergaming The Next Trend in Fitness?

Mon, 05/07/2007 – 9:00am by geeksugar
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From the Wii weight loss challenge, DDR busting a move in PE classes across the nation to substituting traditional workouts and sex to a little Wii tennis time, the media can’t stop talking about whipping the fat video gamer stereotype into a fit and trim calorie-burning-video- game-playing machine.

Even the Associated Press recently got in on the fun, going so far as to call the rise of exercise-focused gaming, “exergaming” Says top video gamer site Kotaku, it “combines the fun of interactive video entertainment and calorie burning.” Who doesn’t want that?

So how far are we willing to take it? According to Kotaku, “some gyms are integrating dedicated exergaming machines into their circuit of traditional exercise machinery, with some business springing up around the concept of family-based exercise complete with Dance Dance Revolution arcade set ups.” Is Exergaming the new cardio striptease, or is someone just trying to seduce us into buying an Xbox? More importantly, will the interest in video game exercising resonate with women, or will husky Turtle types and children be the only ones to benefit?

Is Exergaming The Next Trend in Fitness?
86% (72)
10% (8)
Something else. See my comment below.
5% (4)
Total votes: 84

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