Long ago in the 1830’s, formal education in Ithaca took place atthe Ithaca Academy. It was a private preparatory school for entry into college.By 1859 it was the largest school of its kind in the state with 345 students.

By fall of 1960, the present campus was opened near the south endof Cayuga Lake. The campus complex welcomed 1430 students.

Ithaca High School continues to evolve, adapting itself to theeducational and social needs of the community. Today’s school enjoys widespreadadmiration for its diversity, strong academics and innovative education.

As part of their innovative education and progressive movementthey looked at new ways to stimulate interest in physical education.  Luckily they contacted Exergame Fitness oneof the leaders in innovative physical activity solutions.  One of the perfect products for this newchange was the active gaming iDANCE system.

The Positive Gaming iDANCE2 system has a variety of featuresthat set it apart as a truly unique experience and make it ideal for fitnesscenters, schools, YMCAs, park districts, leisure centers and any other placewith a need for group play/group fitness. It is unique in many facets that it provides the user with a combinationof physical, social and cognitive benefits and that it accommodates up to32-players at once on up to 3 separate difficulty levels with real-timeperformance feedback.

The iDANCE system can also deliver workouts similar to thecardiovascular workouts achieved by running or jogging and in some cases evenstronger results because the fun element and the challenges that reside withinthe game stimulate the players to expend a greater effort than they would inrunning or jogging.

Studies have been conducted that have proven a positivecorrelation between use of the iDANCE system and performance in school.Additional studies are currently underway to further evaluate/prove the levelof cognitive benefit delivered by the system.

The iDANCE system is also very unique in that it allows forvarying skill levels to participate side by side without compromising thedevelopment of any level of player. The game is also fun and provides acommonality or interest in which players can connect.

If you are looking to add a new element of physical activityand social interaction perhaps the iDANCE system is right for you!

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