A Des Moines school has just added technology to its physical education classes. They’re using a light board to get active at Hanawalt School.

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Students are using the first Lightspace Play Wall to be installed in an Iowa school installed by Exergame Fitness USA “The Global Leader in Exergaming Products, Programming and Partnerships”.

Hanawalt P.E. teacher John Baker is pumped up because the touchscreen technology is making his students move. The giant light board keeps kids from getting bored during P.E.

“The kids have absolutely been enthralled with it. What it does is helps with the visual tracking and helps with the reading and it also increased hand and eye coordination and reactionary time,” said Baker. “This is going to change the culture of physical education.”

The fifth-graders are playing Color Crazy. It’s a lot different than the traditional kickball kids used to play in P.E.

Student Rabsa Naseer said, “It’s more active than a video game. I think it’s much better because you can get active with your body.”