Mason Ohio – The City of Mason has joined forces with the leader in the world of “Exergaming” (Exergame Fitness) to create an exciting, hi-tech approach to tackling the obesity & inactivity epidemic; it’s called “The VAULT”. The VAULT is a new fitness experience that takes a revolutionary approach to keeping our community active, healthy and engaged with technology driven products that keep users engaged in physical and brain activity. We feature technology and age-appropriate conditioning curriculums to improve their health, fitness and confidence.


Our Mission:

The City of Mason is dedicated to fighting the obesity and inactivity epidemic within our community by implementing Exergaming products along with medical based family programs developed by MedPlay Technologies. Kids today relate to videogames and entertainment, so we are simply making them physically active and using brain power to participate in these engaging products and programming. We engage local parents and the respective leaders in our communities in actions that foster lasting physical activity and habits for healthy living in our youth – we are a catalyst.

Exergaming Products (PHASE I):

    • iDANCE: (Wireless Multiplayer Dance & Step System)



    • Trazer 2: (Virtual Sports Training Simulator – Goalie Wars)


    • GameBikes: (Interactive GameBikes – Pedal to Plays)



City of Mason Website: