Yesterday we got the chance to visit a recent installation location for a follow-up, at the Moraine Valley Community College. Last month we installed an Exergaming space in their childcare center at their FitRec Center on campus. This is an area where children can come for a childcare or ‘daycare’ style of play, and even has spaces for games like indoor soccer.

During the week this room is extremely popular space for kids to spend time in safe and fun way, while their parents are upstiars in the adult fitness area. The room is seperated into two sections and has tons of equipment to play on. In addition to our interactive fitness equipment the Exergaming room, it also has a ping pong table and air hockey table, giving the kids plenty of “games” and “non-games” to play with.

During these drop in sessions the kids are free to play on any equipment in the room that they like. Kids these days are great with electronics and so they are usually able to operate the machines and the built in programs without any assistance from any adult. With machines like the 3 Kick and Heavy Ball being great for indivudals in adult fitness, they can also be used by 2-3 kids as well. Even with all the built in games & programs, kids make their own fun & games which we got to see plenty of at their drop-in night.

During this we were also able to set up a small photoshoot of the room and equipment. Take a look at the room, equipment, and kids in action in our photo gallery here. There are also some photos below that highlight the room.

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