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We recently had an ad and article published in the National Fitness Trade Journal’s Winter issue. The goal was to focus on interactive fitness and why it is such an effective and efficent method and tool for working out/staying healthy. We also discussed briefly our vision of having a T-Wall in every health club in America, one facility at a time!

Interactive Fitness – A Logical Approach to Fitness

The idea of exercise being ‘boring’ is quickly fading everyday more and more. Working out and exercising has finally caught up with modern times, and is now exciting for many that are new to the industry. From Zumba classes to Crossfit, from accelerometers in your running shoes to watches that track your heartbeat, it is anything but boring now. It is a gradual industry change that is still evolving.File Sep 15, 8 34 00 PM

Interactive Fitness is a broad term that could mean lots of different things. Technically watching a TV show while you’re running on a treadmill is ‘interactive’ fitness. Its true form is often referred to as,“Exergaming,” a combination of exercise and gaming, a unique approach to exercising. Using gamification concepts, the equipment and programs are centered on engaging technology, measurable results and fun.

What are the Benefits of Interactive Fitness Equipment?

What makes Interactive Fitness and Exergaming so special? Every new concept or idea claims to be a game changer; and while some are, most are not. What makes Interactive Fitness so great is how accessible and engaging the equipment is, to everyone. From kids at a YMCA center to seniors staying active, and even to a Crossfit gym. It proves you can not only be active with the equipment, but have actual fun with it. That has been lacking from traditional fitness equipment for some time; kids are not alone in benefiting from fun in their workouts and activities.

In an age when people, especially the new generation, are obsessed with technology, it is almost necessary to have Interactive Fitness equipment at a health club or gym. Gyms get boring to people because they lose motivation for their routine and then excuse themselves from working out. Any gym can provide you with equipment, but the motivation is what truly matters, all the gym equipment in the world is useless without the motivation to use it.

Kids and adults can exercise socially and play ‘multiplayer games’. Friendly competition, challenges, and high scores are the aspects of gamification that really keep people engaged. You know you have something unique when people of all ages are laughing and smiling during their workout routines.

Why Exergame Fitness?IMG_3162
Exergame Fitness has consistently been the #1 provider of interactive fitness and gaming products around the world. We are the heart of the Interactive Fitness industry, for any solution or product needed we are the company to go to. We understand Exergaming and Interactive Fitness better than anyone, and actively use this knowledge to better gyms, health clubs, recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, and others in the industry.

Not only does Exergame Fitness provide equipment to our customers, but a whole package with it. We install the equipment and train you on how to use it, providing you with the knowledge to get the most use and value out of the equipment. Marketing materials, exercise programs, training videos, and an abundance of other resources are provided online for an organization that buys from us. We provide all of the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to succeed with the equipment.

A Solution for Every Age

Just because Interactive Fitness equipment can be used by anyone does not mean every machine should be used by everyone. We understand the equipment we sell, from how to use them to how they work on the inside. We implement this knowledge into three different room solutions that cater to different needs and ages. The Playground Room, Youth X Room, and Performance X – which basically breaks down into a kids, teens, and adult focused solutions.

Playground (1-10)

The Exergame Playground  is a place where kids can go and have fun while exercising, at the same learning and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally all together. The goal is to give the kids a place of their own where they can spend just as much time in the gym as their parents, while staying active and motivated with exciting equipment and activities.

Youth X (7-14)DSC02776

Using concepts from gamification, teens will not even realize they are working out. Too young to be in the kids room and too young for the main fitness areas, this room offers a model of social interaction, movement, and engagement that has proven fitness methodology behind it.

Performance X (Adults)

This room is where Exergaming shines, with high intensity workouts and group training. From strength conditioning to reaction training, the Performance X Room provides a high octane and energetic environment for group training.  This room could easily replace a traditional fitness area.

A T-Wall in Every Club in America

The T-Wall is a top seller of ours and certainly embodies much of the ideas and concepts of Exergaming and Interactive Fitness. We have developed full exercise programs – Workouts of the Week or “WOWs” – that show a sliver of the huge amount of functional fitness training that is possible with this machine. We would love every gym in the country to have a T-Wall and benefit from the functional training and interactive fitness value it can add to any space.

Compared to other equipment, this machine takes up virtually no room, only sticking out of the wall a few inches. It comes with singleplayer and multiplayer games all built in that can be customized from time to speed and even colors.

As far as products appealing to a wide variety of demographics, the T-Wall is the leader by far. From kids hitting lights on a T-Wall 16, to someone in a wheelchair doing rehabilitation exercises, and all the way to serious functional training on a T-Wall 64, this machine can handle it all.

Exergame Fitness is the #1 provider of interactive fitness & gaming products. Any questions at all, please call us at 877.668.4664 or visit at www.exergamefitness.com. We are also present on social media, just search @exergamefitness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and YouTube.


Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide.

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