When it comes to casual gaming there is one games console that’s miles ahead of all the others, and that’s the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii Fit has brought people onto the Nintendo Wii that may never of owned an Xbox 360 or Sony PS3, and there are many more accessories on the way to the Wii.
This is one such example, the Nintendo Wii Sqweeze controller. The controller will not be available to 2009, and InterAction Laboratories had this device on show at Games For Health 2008.
The Wii Sqweeze brings exergaming to the upper body in the form of near-isometric movements the rubber handles allow for shoulder abduction and adduction (Max Range of Motion-ROM ~2-3 inches).
On the device I tried, they hacked the Wii and were running it via USB on a PC. However, I’m told that it will be a fully operational Wii controller by its 2009 launch. To start playing the demo-games IA Labs designed, each player self-calibrates the device by squeezing 50% of your maximum.


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