1. The New TRAQ 3D – Availabe at ExergameFitness.com

    TRAQ 3D is the first technology-based experience to truly capitalize on the movement is life concept. The ability to effectively move is essential for successful sports participation and an active, healthy lifestyle. But it is also essential for improved health and safety, and, where desired, truly permanent weight loss. Modern training programs emphasize the development of strength, power and end…Read More

  2. Exergames: Video Games That Keep Players Fit!

    Exergames: Video Games That Keep Players Fit! Exergame Fitness USA By Marilyn Ferdinand Many parents are looking for ways to wean their children from video games and get them interested in pastimes that exercise more than their fingers. But not all video games are created equal. One type of video game that parents may actually encourage their children to play is exergames. These interactive games …Read More

  3. Get in the Zone – XRtainment Zone

    Though Ernie Medina Jr. has never been a gamer or owned a PlayStation, he has brought the latest in video games to the Inland Empire. // Amanda Lucidon / The Press-Enterprise Above: Chloe Stanton, 6, plays a virtual game next to Catherine Erickson and her son, Brian Kent, 7, at XRtainment Zone in Redlands. Medina's mission isn't just about fun, but also fitness. His 8,000-square-foot XRtainment Zo…Read More

  4. Today Show on Exergaming for Health

    For more information on Exergaming Health Products: Exergame Fitness 4004 West North Ave Stone Park, IL 60165 Toll-Free: 1.866.245.3036 Fax: 1-630.282.0482 E-Mail: info@exergamefitness.com Website: www.exergamefitness.com Exergame Fitness USA Exergaming Research & Testing Center 530 West Colfax Palatine, IL. 60067 Office: 847.963.8969 x1103 Fax: 847.963.8966 Cellular: 630.408.9995 info@exergam…Read More

  5. Exergames Help Kids Lose Weight

    Dance Dance Revolution, a video game in which players compete to keep up with dance steps synched to popular music, is helping kids lose weight. West Virginia school officials implemented Dance Dance Revolution in all public schools as part of a statewide physical education initiative. An evaluation of the program found that the games improve the fitness levels of regular participants. While typic…Read More

  6. Exerlearning

    Stand Up & Learn Since the advent of TVs, VCRs, and computers, we have seen an increase in anxiety and affective disorders that mirror the increase of ADD and ADHD. It's not just kids; adults have been affected as well. Movement and balance appear to be the key to appropriate brain development. Physical activity and cognition are essentially the same process, as we shall explain later. We are …Read More

  7. What is Exergaming?

    In short, exergames are where video games meet sports. It's the combination of the verb "to exercise" and games. Aren't you frustrated that your interactions with video games are limited to  a mouse or game controller? Don't you feel that exercise — like classic forms of working out — is boring, yet necessary? If so, it’s time for you to try exergames. They’re video games where you move y…Read More