1. IN MOTION introduces Edutainment and exergaming in Dubai – Exergame Fitness USA

    IN MOTION introduces Edutainment and exergaming in Dubai The rate of childhood obesity in the Middle East has risen rapidly. United Arab Emirates: 4 hours, 1 minute ago PRESS RELEASE So goes a report from the latest findings by the International Obesity Task Force. And from all indications, this condition is expected to rise in the coming years. To stop this growing menace, IN MOTION, a newly esta…Read More

  2. ‘Exergame’ gym targets 30-minute workouts at the family – Exergame Fitness

    Circuit Wellness features stations such as an exercise bike connected to an ATV-riding Sony Playstation game. Who would have thought that working out could be so much fun? Circuit Wellness, a new gym located at 6754 Cleveland Ave., is hoping their 30-minute workout concept as well as "exergames" -- video games that bring a workout for the gamer -- will appeal to the entire family. Owner Polly Bens…Read More

  3. Brain Rules by Dr John Medina

    If you have not had a chance to read Brain Rules by Dr John Medina – take the time to watch this video – by the time you get done watching this video – you will begin to realize how important cardio vascular fitness it to brain function – you probably don’t have time to watch this video, at least watch part of it – a real challenge – try and get a school administrator to watch it……Read More

  4. Exergame Fitness Announces Strategic Partnership With XRtainment Zone To Provide Exergaming Wellness Programming

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Exergame Fitness Announces Strategic Partnership With XRtainment Zone To Provide Exergaming Wellness ProgrammingPalatine, IL – October 10, 2008 – The growing epidemic of Childhood Obesity and Inactivity among kids, teens and adults has prompted the need for entertaining game based fitness solutions that engage users – called Exergames. Two USA companies that have pionee…Read More

  5. YMCA Partners With Deca Sports Developer

    YMCA Partners With Deca Sports Developer The health club aims to boost attendance by demoing Wii sports game. In a move that's likely intended to capitalize on the runaway popularity of Wii Fit, the Palo Alto YMCA has announced a partnership with Hudson Soft that will bring Deca Sports for the Wii into the Bay Area fitness center. Kicking off September 27, this event is the culmination of a week-l…Read More

  6. Center for the Study of AutismSensory Integration

    Center for the Study of AutismSensory Integration Cindy Hatch-Rasmussen, M.A., OTR/L Therapy Northwest, P.C. Beaverton, OR 97005 Children and adults with autism, as well as those with other developmental disabilities, may have a dysfunctional sensory system. Sometimes one or more senses are either over- or under-reactive to stimulation. Such sensory problems may be the underlying reason for such b…Read More

  7. Obesity in Children ABC News Special

    Childhood Obesity is a rapidly growing epidemic that needs to be stopped! Here at Exergame Fitness (www.exergamefitness.com) we sell Exergaming products that are becoming very popular in Schools around the world helping kids stay in shape. Please take a look at our products and if you have any questions contact us directly. Exergame Fitness is the world’s largest distributor & supplier of Ex…Read More

  8. Circuit Wellness and Exergame Fitness Open Central Ohio’s First Area Exergaming Location

    New neighborhood fitness center located in Westerville, OH Press Release/ Columbus, OH, October 1st, 2008 – The new neighborhood fitness center, Circuit Wellness, has opened its first Central Ohio location in the Lee Plaza center in Columbus, Near Schrock and Cleveland Ave. Circuit Wellness is working to become the leader in neighborhood fitness centers by offering a unique 30-minute personalize…Read More

  9. Exergaming Has Evolved – the twall from Exergame Fitness

    "Exergaming Has Evolved" Reaction Training & Programming Hand-Eye Coordination Neurological Development Any Age, Any Level, Any Ability Focus Training for ADD/HD Simple to Install, Slim Wall Design more twall info here Discover the unique concept of optimizing movement, fitness and reaction . . . twall. The rules for T-wall are simple but challenging: on a wall with numerous touch surfaces, re…Read More