1. The RiverPlex Launches Exergaming Room for Kids Designed by Exergame Fitness USA

    Peoria, Illinois An all-new state of the art Exergame Fitness facility has now opened at the RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center in Peoria, Illinois complete with the world’s top tested and medically proven exergaming products. Kids, teens and adults from the Peoria area now have an exciting new exergaming room that delivers programs that combine fitness and gaming to achieve much needed re…Read More

  2. Revolutionary DDR system allows up to 32 students to participate at the same time on their own ‘live’ platform!

    The new iDance DDR Multiplayer system from Positive Gaming has been launched and available at Exergame Fitness USA! This unique DDR technology allows each student to choose his or her level of experience–beginner, intermediate, or advanced–and compete with others at the same level for a true one-of-a-kind experience. Since students are exercising continuously and don't have to stop to take tur…Read More

  3. Campaign for a Healthier America

    At noon today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America while the nation is facing challenges not seen in decades. Yet the people of this great country are filled with a renewed sense of optimism. Citizens are recognizing that their power to influence government goes beyond a visit to the voting booth on Election Day. For the fitness industry, these are b…Read More

  4. 15 applicants receiving anywhere from $100k-$300k for Exergaming now available!

    Health Games Research is an $8.25 million national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that supports outstanding research to enhance the quality and impact of interactive games used to improve health. Download the color brochure here The goal of the program is to advance the innovation, design, and effectiveness of health games and game technologies so that they help people improv…Read More

  5. RiverPlex video games work more than just thumbs

    PEORIA IL. USA— Austin Schroderus spent Thursday morning playing a lively game of dodgeball with a handful of other children at the RiverPlex Recreation and Wellness Center."All you got to do is just make sure that little ball doesn't hit you," the 14-year-old Peorian said while waiting on the sidelines, "and if it does, then you got to get off the screen." Screen? What screen? Instead of duckin…Read More

  6. Interactive Fitness & Exergaming Options for Today’s Club Owners

    GAME ON! Interactive Fitness & Exergaming Options for Today's Club Owners By: Club Solutions Magazine Date: 1/1/2009 Interactive Fitness & Exergaming Options for Today's Club Owners In today's world, it has become almost impossible to ignore the impact that technology has on our lives. Software has improved to the point that it often seems to read your mind, and the fitness industry is not…Read More

  7. Exergame Fitness Incentives Health Trends in 2009

    RAYTOWN, MO. -- At the start of the New Year, the focus is always on being fit, instead of fat. FOX 4's Meryl Lin McKean went looking for "fit" trends to look for in 2009. Look for more fitness programs geared toward your age group. Martha Corey came to Fit for Life in Raytown where she feels comfortable exercising and socializing. "It's like our second home and the social is every bit as much as …Read More

  8. Video Fitness – Exergame Fitness

    VIDEO FITNESS 12-24-08 TOOLS SAVE E-MAIL PRINT YOUNEWS™ MOST POPULAR RSS FEED DIGG DEL.ICIO.US By WEEK Sports Story Published: Dec 24, 2008 at 10:44 PM CST Story Updated: Dec 24, 2008 at 10:44 PM CST  As Santa heads out this evening to make his deliveries. There are plenty of Nintendo Wii's in the back of his sleigh. They're part of a new trend of Video Game Fitness. And the Peoria Park Distric…Read More

  9. Medical study spotlights ‘exergames’

    PEORIA, IL. Local study to examine if video games can help kids lose weight A local medical study beginning in early January will examine if video games can help kids lose weight and boost their self-esteem. The aim of the study, starting Jan. 5, is to see if exergames - activities incorporating video games into an exercise regime - can help overweight and obese children get into shape. At the sam…Read More

  10. Childhood obesity worries Santa

    All Santa wants this Christmas is for kids to lose a few of those extra pounds. It turns out the rising rate of childhood obesity isn't just worrisome for parents, it's also cause for concern for Santa's health. So says Victor Nevada, a Calgarian who has played Mr. Claus for 23 years. He runs a four-day Santa School every year and has written a lengthy training manual for aspiring Santas. The late…Read More