1. Kids Swallow More Pills as Big Waistlines Become Growing Pain

    More American children are taking pills for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol than ever before, reflecting a rise in chronic diseases related to obesity, a study found. Use of drugs for type-2 diabetes, the form of the disease commonly seen in overweight adults, doubled in children ages 5 to 19 and cholesterol-lowering medications rose by 15 percent between 2002 and 2005, according to …Read More

  2. Headed for danger: Schools must help to reverse rise in diabetes, doctors say

    KALAMAZOO -- It's very difficult to help a 50-year-old diabetic who needs to overcome a lifetime of bad eating and exercise habits. Jennifer Harnish Kalamazoo GazetteStudents at Portage Central Middle School use exergaming as an alternative in gym class about twice a month. The games include Dance Dance Revolution, Wii, and Exerbikes. A Palatine, Illinois company called Exergame Fitness is largest…Read More

  3. Video games promoted in fight against childhood obesity

    MONTREAL - In the fight against childhood obesity, grim statistics continue to be reported. One in four children in the U.S. spend at least three hours a day sitting in front of the computer surfing the net but not doing school work - up from 22 per cent in 2003. Yet as an international conference being held in Montreal this week shows, the news isn't all bleak. In fact, one of the evils that's be…Read More

  4. Preventing and Reducing Childhood Obesity -Insert Your State Here

    Pay a little now – or pay a lot later – most states are choosing not to fund quality PE – just look at one state that is now paying more later – think about adding those numbers among all 50 states – hopefully some of the new politicians that win elections next week will address the epidemic of childhood obesity – in a few years – this will be a bigger economic crisis that the presen…Read More

  5. The Deadly Economics of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

    Children's International Obesity Foundation sees too many financial benefits going to interests which keep children fat. New York, New York September 18, 2008 -- According to the CHILDREN'S INTERNATIONAL OBESITY FOUNDATION (CIOF), an acknowledged authority and voice regarding childhood obesity, the short-term financial benefits and incentives for fattening up children are making childhood obesity …Read More

  6. New NFL School Grant Available!

    Nominations are due February 4, 2009.Selected school applications must be postmarked by March 27, 2009.Please read the below listed requirements and criteria before nominating a school or applying for the grant. Overview Nomination Requirements and Criteria Application Requirements and Criteria Assistance for Applicants Important Dates Judging Overview NFL Network will award one Middle School a $1…Read More

  7. Supersized P.E.: Ten Tips to Help Overweight Kids Get Healthy

    SDSU professor teaches physical education to help overweight students reach their fitness goals SAN DIEGO, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Bags of Halloween candy are piled high in the grocery stores this week, providing a dangerous temptation for those battling obesity. For the parents of overweight children, getting their children to understand the dangers of overindulging after trick-or-treating can be…Read More

  8. IN MOTION introduces Edutainment and exergaming in Dubai – Exergame Fitness USA

    IN MOTION introduces Edutainment and exergaming in Dubai The rate of childhood obesity in the Middle East has risen rapidly. United Arab Emirates: 4 hours, 1 minute ago PRESS RELEASE So goes a report from the latest findings by the International Obesity Task Force. And from all indications, this condition is expected to rise in the coming years. To stop this growing menace, IN MOTION, a newly esta…Read More

  9. ‘Exergame’ gym targets 30-minute workouts at the family – Exergame Fitness

    Circuit Wellness features stations such as an exercise bike connected to an ATV-riding Sony Playstation game. Who would have thought that working out could be so much fun? Circuit Wellness, a new gym located at 6754 Cleveland Ave., is hoping their 30-minute workout concept as well as "exergames" -- video games that bring a workout for the gamer -- will appeal to the entire family. Owner Polly Bens…Read More

  10. Brain Rules by Dr John Medina

    If you have not had a chance to read Brain Rules by Dr John Medina – take the time to watch this video – by the time you get done watching this video – you will begin to realize how important cardio vascular fitness it to brain function – you probably don’t have time to watch this video, at least watch part of it – a real challenge – try and get a school administrator to watch it……Read More