1. Video Games That Keep Kids Fit

    Gym teachers and video games have never been a happy mix. While one side struggles to pull kids off the couch, the other holds them fast. But Kim Mason, a phys-ed director in Rogers, Ark., with 28 years of experience selling kids on the virtues of sweat, did something unlikely last year: she persuaded her public-school district to invest $35,000 in brand-new video-game equipment. That would be mor…Read More

  2. A Healthy and Happy Childhood

    Local programs show kids that eating healthier and becoming more active is not only good for them, but also fun. By Julie Engelhardt Getting kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for parents today. Instead of going outside to ride their bikes or run and play when there’s down time, children tend to plop down on the couch to play videogames or watch TV. Or when hunger pangs hit,…Read More

  3. Study predicts 90 percent of Americans could be fat by 2030

    It was one of those numbers, like $10-a-gallon gas or $20 six-packs, that seemed designed to shock: Could it really be that almost nine out of every 10 American adults will be overweight or obese — basically, more than 20 percent over their "ideal'' weight — in less than 25 years? That's what a new study, based on national surveys, warns could happen if the weight-gain trends since the 1970s c…Read More

  4. I’m a Wii Fit believer

    I’m a Wii Fit believer by ZDNet's Christopher Dawson -- I really thought Wii Fit was a gimmick. And those phys ed classes that used Dance Dance Revolution to get sedentary teenagers jumping around? Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. Then my kids bought Wii Fit this weekend and I was absolutely, instantly impressed. Wii Fit is a game for the Nintendo [...] Exergame Fitness USA Exergaming Resea…Read More

  5. 2 years old — a childhood obesity tipping point?

    Research suggests that childhood obesity begins in infancyOver the last decade, childhood obesity has grown into an epidemic, reflected in soaring rates of type 2 diabetes and recommendations that pediatricians check toddlers for elevated cholesterol. What hasn't been as clear is how early to intervene. A study presented at a pediatric research program on Friday suggested obesity prevention effort…Read More

  6. Boost Your Child’s Brainpower by Simply Letting Them Spend More Time on a Playground

    Who doesn't want to spend more time playing? I know I do! Today's guest column by Marina Mironov underscores the benefits of play for our kids. We grown ups benefit from our relationships with happy, well adjusted children too! We all know kids love playgrounds. Now, research shows that playing on the playground can boost brainpower too! Playing has been linked to emotional, social, motor and cogn…Read More

  7. Exergame Products Available at Exergame Fitness.com

    PS3 Eye Toy Package w/ Plasma TV/Roll Cart - [more information] This package is great for Exergaming competitions playing various mini games on the PS3. The camera puts you in the game as you physically interact with the software! Alpha Mats - [more information] Text your name, compute math problems and up your cardio on this amazing Exerlearing pad. These high quality durable pads can get your gy…Read More

  8. Wal-Mart Giving Back to Kids…

    Recent Initiatives Recent InitiativesWal-Mart is proud to be a good neighbor and citizen in thousands of communities across the country and around the world. We believe it’s a privilege to be a store that’s part of the community. And, we believe it’s our responsibility to help sustain the communities that rely upon us. The stories below are just a few examples of how Wal-Mart and their assoc…Read More

  9. US News & World Report article on Exergaming

    Earlier in the week Senior Editor (Health/Medicine) Katherine Hobson from US News & World Report interviewed me by phone. Here is the online article titled "The Power of Wii: Getting in Shape with Video Games?"What if you could turn video games, criticized for everything from their obsessive hold on users to their purported role in childhood obesity to their misogynist elements, into something…Read More

  10. Popularity of video game workouts takes Y by surprise

    Popularity of video game workouts takes Y by surpriseCARTER HAYDU The Moose Jaw Times Herald Jessica Sorowski, 12, poses with the video boxing game at the YMCA on Thursday. The YMCA has incorporated physical activity and video games as a way to keep kids active. Colin Dewar photographA happy surprise from the local YMCA’s summer video game fitness trial program is the positive response from seni…Read More