1. Wellness tips for millennials

    Posted April 24, 2008 11:27AM Psssst -- millennials are slowly taking over the world. They are the largest generation since the baby boomers. They're those under-30, tech-savvy, multi-tasking people who are less likely to see themselves susceptible to the accumulative effects of America's (including their own) unhealthy life style behaviors. While no general characterization can appropriately desc…Read More

  2. Wii Fit’s History of Happy Accidents

    Wii Fit's History of Happy Accidents 21 Apr 2008 7:15 am   The first time I ever laid eyes on a Nintendo Wii wasn't until well after its debut. While I had indeed heard the hype over Christmas 2006 and vaguely resolved to get one for myself at some point, I never got around to actually playing one until a fateful night when Comcast screwed up my friend's Pay-per-view order of Ultimate Fighting Ch…Read More

  3. Testing the Wii Fit

    Online gyms and 'Exergames' such as Nintendo's Wii Fit, which is launched later this month, are flooding the fitness market. But how effective are they? We asked readers to give three of them a workout Karen Widdowson tries out Wii Fit. Photograph: Sarah Lee Wii Fit Reviewed by: Karen Widdowson, 35, electronic communication coordinator, London I wanted to lose weight but had cancelled my gym membe…Read More

  4. Exergaming Kids exercise through video games

    Exergaming Kids exercise through video games Watch the latest Exergaming Fitness Video. Exergame Fitness USA Exergaming Research & Testing Center 530 West Colfax Palatine, IL. 60067 Office: 847.963.8969 x1103 Fax: 847.963.8966 Cellular: 630.408.9995 info@exergamefitness.com www.exergamefitness.com…Read More

  5. Exergaming Kicks into High Gear with New Study & Exergame Fitness Products

    Exergaming Kicks into High Gear with New Study & Exergame Fitness Products In other news, a pilot study has come out of New Zealand showing that exergaming titles are just as good as casual exercise. No surprise there, but it’s nice to see the empirical data bear out common sense and provide argument ammo against doubters. Exergaming is at the leading edge of helping kids become fit and acti…Read More

  6. Exergaming gets a Wii bit technical

    Exergaming gets a Wii bit technical CALL it The Great Indoors. From May 8, Australians will be able to do ski jumping, snow boarding, even tightrope walking — indoors. With the help of a video game, of course. Computers have often been accused of fuelling the sedentary, stay-at-home lifestyle. Nintendo's latest product, Wii F…Read More

  7. Exergaming: Getting a Wii bit fitter?

    Exergaming: Getting a Wii bit fitter Combining computer games with exercise is the latest way to improve health. The Wii Fit is a wireless plastic board that works in conjunction with the Wii console and has sensors that detect the pressure exerted. So not only does it work out your body mass index, but also your centre of gravity, to assess your posture. Like any good liberal I ten…Read More

  8. Wii Fit – Making Kids Active & Gaming Healthy!

    IF YOU were to conjure up an image of a dedicated video game fan, would they be: (a) a pale, highly caffeinated, thumb-mashing, hirsute individual with little respect for personal hygiene, or (b) a toned, lithe, fitness-obsessed creature with great balance and amazing abdominal muscles? The average gamer probably lies between both extremes, but video…Read More

  9. Wii Fit poised to become America’s best-selling game ever

    Mark your calendars, folks. On May 19, gaming will change forever in this country. That’s the scheduled North American release date for “Wii Fit,” the exergaming title now moving out of game stores in Japan like crushed ice at a frozen-drink bar. The game employs the Nintendo Wii console’s signature motion-sensing technology and a wireless balance board to engage gamers in fitness-related …Read More

  10. The Makoto Sports Arena – Benefits

    The Makoto Sports Arena - Benefits Fitness equipment with benefits way beyond physical activity is being launched by Exergame Fitness to help children with conditions such as ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism. Movement is essential to developing health and emotional well-being. But baby seats now move from car to pram to highchair, limiting neurological and muscle development and flexibility, and computer…Read More