1. The Game Cycle is A Perfect Edition to Any Exergame Room

    The Game Cycle merges upper body exercise with the excitement and enjoyment of video games. The gaming challenge encourages exercise and will facilitate adherence to rehabilitation and exercise regimens in the clinic or Exergame club. GameCycle: ˚Uses standard Nintendo GameCube games ˚GameCylcle cranking simulates arm exercise and controls speed and direction of Nintendo Games ˚Resistance syste…Read More

  2. Hand Dance Pro – Very Fun Special Needs Product

    Hand Dance Pro™ Enables students with a disability or injury to participate in the electronic dance experience along with the rest of the class! A natural extension of the dance game experience, this commercial-grade dance system develops hand/eye coordination and speed, while delivering extreme dance excitement and a fun upper-body workout. Comfortably fits in a student's lap, so disabled or in…Read More

  3. Makoto – Great for ADD and ADHD Kids

    The Makoto is a triangle, 8 feet from base to apex, with indestructible 6-ft. steel posts rising from each corner. Using your hands, feet, and/or staff, you respond to audio and visual prompts from each post. Your reaction time and accuracy (actually hitting the lighted area) are measured electronically, so you can compete with yourself or others. The speed of the prompts is easily adjusted for va…Read More

  4. Motivatrix – New Kids Fitness Product

    Motivatrix® The MX9 Workout Master mimics existing DDR systems in design, but it manages to feature a number of internal games inside to keep your workout sessions fresh. Additionally, the machine not only recognizes fancy footwork, but built-in sensors can understand arm flailing as well, and you can even "jam out to your own music" while breakin' a sweat. Most interesting, however, is the fact …Read More

  5. Old-Fashioned Fitness – Exergaming

    Old-fashioned fitness Are treadmills and more video games really what we want for our children? What's wrong with turning off the TVs, computers and video games? Anne Jarvis, Special to The Windsor Star Published: Saturday, March 29, 2008 I have a friend whose son would rather play video games than play hockey with his dad. I know kids as young as six, even preschoolers, with TVs in their bedrooms…Read More

  6. Exergaming Products for YMCA’s, Schools, JCC’s, Kids Fitness Zones and Health Clubs

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact Person: Thomas Seilheimer Jr. (CEO) Company Name: Exergame Fitness USA Telephone Number: (866) 245-3036 Fax Number: (630) 282-0482 Email Address: info@exergamefitness.com Web site address: http://www.exergamefitness.com Exergaming Products for YMCA’s, Schools, JCC’s, Kids Fitness Zones and Health Clubs Exergame Fitness is the country’s largest distributo…Read More

  7. The New TRAQ 3D – Availabe at ExergameFitness.com

    TRAQ 3D is the first technology-based experience to truly capitalize on the movement is life concept. The ability to effectively move is essential for successful sports participation and an active, healthy lifestyle. But it is also essential for improved health and safety, and, where desired, truly permanent weight loss. Modern training programs emphasize the development of strength, power and end…Read More

  8. Exergames: Video Games That Keep Players Fit!

    Exergames: Video Games That Keep Players Fit! Exergame Fitness USA By Marilyn Ferdinand Many parents are looking for ways to wean their children from video games and get them interested in pastimes that exercise more than their fingers. But not all video games are created equal. One type of video game that parents may actually encourage their children to play is exergames. These interactive games …Read More

  9. Get in the Zone – XRtainment Zone

    Though Ernie Medina Jr. has never been a gamer or owned a PlayStation, he has brought the latest in video games to the Inland Empire. // Amanda Lucidon / The Press-Enterprise Above: Chloe Stanton, 6, plays a virtual game next to Catherine Erickson and her son, Brian Kent, 7, at XRtainment Zone in Redlands. Medina's mission isn't just about fun, but also fitness. His 8,000-square-foot XRtainment Zo…Read More