Pavigym has constantly been a leader in the exergaming and interactive fitness world – as a proud dealer of their products in the U.S. we are always excited to see their success worldwide. Their success not only helps themselves but it assists the entire industry in moving us forward into the new world of technology and exergaming. From the Pavigym Combo to the Pavigym Sprint we have personally had great experiences with Pavigym products and even more importantly, so have our customers.

The new future of fitness from Pavigym is Prama, the ultimate interactive fitness room solution. Check out the video below for an awesome introduction into this room concept.

The Pavigym Prama room is an all-in-one solution for any health club or fitness center. Already Pavigym machines are great at customizing workouts with their iPad app to plan your workout or have a personal trainer surprise you at every turn. Now combining this with the new concept of a complete room, with progress trackers, online live competition, change light colors/effects, and so much more – fitness has never been this engaging.

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The Prama room at the Asphalt Green health club in New York City is a perfect representation of what Prama can be. With the proper accessories and trainers they have set up a fantastic and fun circuit-based group fitness classes. From cardio to strength training to functional movements – all with low intensity training in mind – can keep you engaged in fitness and training like nothing else before. Below is another video, this one showing off the Asphalt Green NYC Prama room. Check out the different styles of training you can do like Basketball and Squash as shown in the video.

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