Looks like the pensioners are here to battle it out with the younger generation and fair play to them, pensioners and teenagers love the Nintendo Wii because is mimics real life motion plus it keeps you active.

Well whilst visiting Times Online they have some interesting news that we thought you show read, pensioners are basically saying no to bowls and yes to Nintendo Wii, they talk about Doris who is 91 who loves playing Nintendo Wii games.
In a small town in Tenbury Wells, near Leominster in Herefordshire pensioners attend the Age Concern afternoon in a Scout hut where normally it used to be tea and biscuits, but now they have this gaming console. The pensioners play the games under the watchful eyes of a couple of teenagers (Brave they must be).So it looks like gaming consoles are not just for the young but indeed for the older generation too, maybe we should all have a teenager versus pensioners gaming contest.

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