With the recent release of the 2011 Carol White PEP Grants wealways get asked the same question, how do you get the most out of your PEP Grant no matter what stage you’re in(year 1, year 2, year 3) and make the biggest impact on your community andstudents grades?  Kenston Local Schoolsin Chagrin Falls, OH was posed with the same question.  How would they use the grant of federal fundsearmarked for physical education programming for the district’s 3,200 K-12 students?  Enter Exergame Fitness.

What is Exergaming?  Exergaming is a great toolto motivate people to participate and engage through games.  Over the past 12 years Exergame Fitness hasbeen a pioneer in the active gaming market due to our exceptional technicalunderstanding, our ability to communicate in a non-technical way, and ourrelationships with partners with the same vision we have of keeping the currentgeneration and future generations healthy through activity, exercise, andnutrition.

“When Jeff Gowdy, PEP Grant facilitator first contacted us we wereelated to see his enthusiasm for interactive gaming.  Jeff had a well thought out plan of how hewould introduce exergaming to his schools in a very innovative way.  From the first step of planning and decidingon equipment, to the last steps of installation and training Exergame Fitnesswas with them every step of the way,” says Ed Kasanders, CEO of ExergameFitness.

The grant provided $677,706 for professional development,development of innovative activities that engage all students and promotelifetime fitness and instruction in healthy eating habits and goodnutrition.  The grants overall goal is to improve and increase alignmentto State Standards with the implementation of A New Approach to Fitness andWellness.

“Icouldn’t be happier with our “exergaming” equipment purchased from Exergame Fitness!  Children of all ages within the Kenston Local School Districtenjoy this fun, challenging way ofexercising, which many have never experienced in a school setting.  It is especially exciting to see our younger students afterthey have used our Lightspace Floor or Railyard Fitness: rosey cheeked andsmiling!  Exergame Fitness has allowed us to engage students in the PhysicalEducation setting that may have been previously “turned off” tophysical activity,” Jeff Gowdy, PEP Grant Facilitator.

As the New Year on PEP grants turns weinvite all previous, current and future PEP Grant winners the opportunity tolearn more about exergaming, and how it can be implemented at your facilitywith great success through Exergame Fitness.

Pictures of all 4 Kenston Schools and their Exergaming Rooms

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